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Improve Patient Outcomes and Take Advantage of an Untapped Source of Revenue For Your Practice

Physicians in private practice are worried. Documenting and admin tasks are increasing while reimbursement is decreasing. There’s no doubt you’ve noticed.
At the same time, the rate of chronic disease conditions has skyrocketed and those patients have increasingly troubling outcomes. Not to mention we’re emerging from what was an apocalyptic chapter in the history of medicine.

Refresh Your Practice and Seamlessly Integrate Preventative Medicine… It’s What Your Patients Need

Moving forward, what types of changes would you welcome in your practice? Healthier patients and more revenue probably top the list. So you do what any physician would do to achieve that… work harder.

Physicians are known to be overworked and time-starved anyway, right? But isn’t that idea a little… outdated?

If you’re fatigued, stressed, and overwhelmed, remote patient monitoring (RPM) can crush the relentless cycle of chronic disease exacerbations and the resulting build-up of work. It also provides a source of revenue for your practice — for little to no additional work.

You can be empowered as a physician in private practice.

How It Works Giving Physicians Tools for Success Leads to the Evolution of Value-Based Care

In 2018 Medicare started covering CPT codes (current procedural terminology). The codes give you the ability to bill for RPM set up, data collection, data insights, and interactive patient care and education.
There are financial gains to be made here, along with an EFFECTIVE and proactive way to keep patients healthy. Providers can meet patients where they’re at and more frequently as opposed to just a few times a year. And patients have an exclusive opportunity to have access to medical personnel who are trained specifically to tackle social determinants of health, change patient mindset, and encourage health goal completion. When patients are healthier AND you are compensated appropriately, you’ve got yourself an IMMENSELY successful practice.

RPM Perfected

Here are a few things about RPM to consider:

Is it worth it?

Definitely. An internet search on RPM and properly conducted chronic care management show patients have better outcomes and hospital visits are reduced by 40%. And because CPT codes are used, your practice can enjoy an additional source of revenue.

Will this consume my time?

Absolutely not. You’re only alerted when a patient needs physician-level intervention. But keep in mind… Med-kick nurses work diligently to prevent that from happening. Also, neither you nor your staff has to worry about getting RPM training.

Will this complicate things for my practice?

We know your practice has unique needs and workflow, so you don’t have to worry. Med-kick nurses follow your practice policies and protocol, document on your EHR, and carry out tailored care plans for your patients. They oversee every step of the process including patient enrollment, onboarding, RPM equipment shipping and set up, and billing reports.

What if I want to do it myself?

We understand completely. Your practice and patients mean EVERYTHING to you. But we’re all about enhancing the physician-patient relationship and delivering exceptional patient outcomes and results. This only happens when RPM is perfected.

I don’t have the budget for this, what can I do?

If you don’t have a budget, this is precisely why you should start. RPM generates a monthly passive income and there are no start-up fees to implement RPM.

Life-Changing Devices

RPM can only be done with FDA-approved devices… and we’ve got them. The beauty of these devices is you don’t need to mess around with wifi, Bluetooth connection, or smartphone. 

They’re ready to use right out of the box making them unbelievably easy to use……Perfect for seniors and people with disabilities. 

The devices automatically transmit data to a monitoring platform. They also alert medical staff when patients have metrics that need attention. Being able to see the patient data in real-time dramatically enhances patient outcomes. 

And… it brings a great sense of security to patients when a medical professional reaches out to make sure everything is ok.

The devices include:

Medkick's Magnificent Nurses An Extension of Your Practice

Many RPM companies set up the devices and data platform and then… leave. We take the headache out of RPM by providing expert nursing to carry out the program and to provide you with consistent support.They help fix one of the biggest issues practices face: Patient adherence.

Med-kick nurses also work directly with patients for:

Medkick nurses work to help you get Missed Compensation for:

Lastly, Med-kick nurses Simplify things for you and:

Yes, doctor… there’s A LOT to unpack here. They take all this work off your hands. And, when you see that billing report, you’re gonna kick yourself for not signing up sooner.

The Path to a Happier and Successful Practice In 5 Easy Steps

A Restorative Turning Point For Physicians and Patients

Some doctors go off on crazy business ventures to try and supplement their income, but do you really think they have time for that? And still, other doctors insist on slogging along, overwhelmed, and forever pounding on the panic button. 

But you can be empowered in your practice.

RPM is a MASSIVE advantage and proven method to get healthier patients, save time and increase revenue. And you, doctor, can have it. You’re in control now.

Don’t stop when you’re so close to the solution.

Transform your practice with us.

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