Med-Kick – Value-Based Care Management Services

For Patients

Care is why we exist.

Patients are well cared for with Med-Kick. Our registered nurses and licensed practical nurses have significant experience in many different care settings. We’ll have our nursing managers custom match our Providers with an experienced, dedicated team of nurses to help your patients live their best life.

Patients we care for:
  • Medicare populations
  • High-risk patients
  • High comorbidities
  • Chronic conditions

Quality of life is our focus

We focus on our patients’ quality of life.  We help to manage, educate, and set patients up for success.  We work closely with doctors, family members, caregivers, and specialists.  We help support patients in dozens of ways, this could mean developing care plans, helping to understand their chronic conditions, and pre visit planning to allow the Provider to focus on the patient.  Whatever your needs, we’ll create a custom tailored plan for each of our patients.

Our nurses can take the time to work with patients and their care teams to coordinate care and work with patients in a meaningful, comprehensive way.  We want to take the time to make a difference.  We’ll be your medical sidekick.

  • Patient Care First
  • Reduced Readmissions
  • Health Progress Reviews
  • Tailored Care
  • Highly Trained and Caring Staff

Patients are our priority

Inspired to help as many patients as possible, our mission is to keep patients happy, healthy, and at home.  We partner with Providers to give our patients concierge care for increased peace of mind, less hospitalizations or readmissions, and to help them focus on their medical needs.

We go the extra mile

We take our patient’s care seriously and our nurses are trained to provide industry leading care during each call, text, and email.  We work with our patients based on their needs and preferences.  We can also work directly with caregivers and family members if the patient’s are unable to advocate for themselves.

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