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Chronic Care Management

You can count on us to treat patients with friendly, quality evidence-based care that produces greater engagement and better outcomes.

Med-Kick’s innovative approach to partnering with physicians and patients includes effective workflows with flexibility to align with a provider’s protocols and treatment preferences. In addition, our nursing staff consists of registered nurses (RN) and licensed practical nurses (LPNs) that are matched with physicians based on certain criteria, which makes us an ideal partner to manage issues that patient’s with chronic conditions experience between regular doctor visits.

Effective preventive care by partnering with your patients

  • Provide reminders of annual wellness visits, immunizations, and other screenings
  • Keep track of HEDIS and MIPS scores

Demonstrated ability to improve patient scores and reduce hospitalizations

  • Increase patient participation
  • Coordinate care between specialist and primary care physician
  • Preventing one hospital admissions will save patients hundreds on copays

Benefits of Remote Services for Chronic Health Conditions

Greater convenience

With Med-Kick remote services, you don't have to drive to the doctor's office, take time off from work or disrupt your routine. You can connect from the comfort of your own home and receive personalized care from a qualified healthcare provider.

Increased accessibility

Med-Kick remote services make it easier for people with chronic conditions to access the care they need. People who live in rural areas or lack transportation options don't have to worry about getting to their appointments on time—they can log in and get help right away.

Faster response times

When you use remote services, your healthcare provider can get back to you faster than if you were in a physical office setting. This means that any changes or updates to your treatment plan can be made quickly without having to wait for an appointment. Finally, most remote services offer multiple communication options such as phone calls, video conferencing and emails, so you can choose whichever one is most convenient for you.

What is a Chronic Health Condition?

A chronic health condition is an illness or impairment that persists over a long period of time and has an effect on your quality of life. These conditions can range from autoimmune diseases such as lupus to chronic pain syndromes, depression and anxiety.

It’s important to talk to your doctor

Most chronic conditions require ongoing management, which can include lifestyle changes, medications, therapy or other treatments. Unfortunately, some chronic illnesses have no cure – but many are manageable and can improve over time with the right care and support. It’s important to talk to your doctor if you think you might have a chronic health condition, as early diagnosis and treatment can make a big difference in managing it in the long run.


We have a demonstrated ability to significantly reduce the time our patients spend in the hospital, which means better health and more time at home.

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Chronic Care CPT / Medicare

CPT code​


Standard CCM

Initial 20 minutes of interactive clinical staff time

Billing Frequency:

CPT code​


CCM Add-On

Subsequent 20 minutes of non-complex CCM

Billing Frequency:

CPT code​


Complex CCM

60 minutes of care management

Billing Frequency:

CPT code​


Complex Add-On

Each additional 30 minutes spent by clinical staff

Billing Frequency:



Our team identifies patients requiring further in-person care


Completed Quality Metrics - MIPS, MACRA, HEDIS Annual Wellness Visits, Preventative Screenings

Chronic Care Management FAQ

Yes! We are thrilled to be building on the popularity of our Med-Kick RPM programme by enabling providers to provide both CCM and RPM from the same system. The new capacity enables significant operational efficiencies and sets a new benchmark in telemedicine customer experience for patients who seek to treat chronic illnesses remotely.

The new initiative offers help for a variety of chronic diseases, including high blood pressure and diabetes.

Pre-orders for MedKick are presently being accepted at a considerable pre-market discount. Contact XX right now.

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