Med-Kick – Value-Based Care Management Services

Patient-first Approach to Remote Monitoring and Care Coordination

As a physician-founded service provider, we understand how to engage with patients and collaborate with providers to optimize the effectiveness of remote clinical care.

Nothing is more personal than your health...and your healthcare should be personal too. Med-Kick has created unique workflows that leverage software and devices, enabling our nurses to keep Medicare patients better engaged in their remote care.

Effective remote care is driven by PEOPLE, supported by TECHNOLOGY

At Med-Kick, our nurses serve as an extension of the physician’s care team. They create collaborative environments and provide much needed support for patients to receive effective, continuous care outside of the provider’s office.

Improving Patient Outcomes

Proactive outreach and relationship building lead to increased engagement.

Increasing Efficiency

SIM-card enabled devices for accurate monitoring no matter the location.

Reducing unnecessary costs

24/7 access to registered nurses and licensed practical nurses for timely, quality care guidance.

Supporting Healthcare Adherence

Patients receive automated reminders and regular contact from nurses.

Partnering with Med-Kick provides advantages to many provider types

Healthcare Group Practices

  • Reduced workload on staff
  • Improved quality care
  • Monthly reimbursement


  • Extending care between office visits
  • Preventative medicine
  • Expert nursing care

Accountable Care Organizations

  • Population health coordinated care
  • Reduction in per capita costs
  • Beneficiary-based quality care

Concierge Practices/Providers

  • Healthcare advocacy and high-quality care
  • Preventative care measures
  • World-class concierge nursing

Hospitals & Outpatient Clinics

  • Reduction in 30-day readmission rate
  • Decreasing unnecessary ER visits
  • Preventing avoidable admission

Health Care Systems/Payers

  • Reducing healthcare costs
  • Improved quality metrics
  • Coordination of primary and specialty offices

Managed Care Organizations

  • Coding accuracy
  • HEDIS improvement
  • Coordination of care

Physician Group Practices

  • Customization and 24/7 support
  • Improved quality metrics
  • Industry-leading results based care

Rural Health Clinics

  • Extend Provider’s reach between appointments
  • Telehealth services to reduce travel
  • Expert nursing support 24/7

Capitated HMO Plans

  • Reduction of hospitalizations and readmissions
  • 5-star quality, preventative care
  • Coding and HCC accurate reporting


The greatest insights into our services come from those that know us best...our physician and patient partners.

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