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Remote Patient Monitoring

Our patient management software enables real-time monitoring of patient vitals utilizing six different remote monitoring devices. 

With our remote patient monitoring (RPM) services, patients are able to stay connected wherever they are and monitor their vitals to have a true healthcare continuum and receive timely, quality care that leads to better outcomes.

Remote, real-time biometric data

Transmit data up to the minute from your patients’ devices.

Monitoring when it matters most

Care coordinators monitor data continuously and alert providers when patients need attention.

Data at the palm of your hands

View progress notes and track trends.

Remote Patient Monitoring CPT / Medicare


Initial Set-up and Patient Education on the Use of Equipment

Billing Frequency:
Once at set-up


Supply of Monitoring  Device & Data Transmission

Billing Frequency:


Initial 20 Minutes of Clinical Staff Time

Billing Frequency:


Subsequent 20 Minutes of Clinical Staff Time

Billing Frequency:


We have a demonstrated ability to significantly reduce the time our patients spend in the hospital, which means better health and more time at home.

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ER Visits
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Providing Data to Enhance Care Delivery

At Med-Kick, we understand the significant role that remote patient monitoring can play in improving patient outcomes and enhancing healthcare delivery. That’s why leverage innovative RPM monitoring interfaces, skilled nursing staff, and evidence-based workflows that are designed to help healthcare providers rapidly identify which patients need medical attention.

Our services and care coordination have been developed in collaboration with nurses and physicians, ensuring that they meet the needs of healthcare providers and are easy to use. By leveraging advanced technology and data analytics, our interfaces enable providers to monitor patients’ health in real-time, detect potential issues early, and intervene before they escalate into more severe conditions


Stay updated with near real-time alerts when patient readings go out of range. Our system also comes equipped with intelligent alerts that utilize complex logic to detect sudden weight gains and other critical changes that are well-known indicators of a change in condition.


Stay on top of trends with our powerful graphing tools that provide multiple chart types, support for multiple measurements, and customizable time sampling. Our advanced features allow you to easily review trends and analyze data, so you can make informed decisions about your business, healthcare facility, or research project.


Our compliance features are easy to use and customizable to fit your specific needs. We provide alerts to notify you when thresholds are exceeded, and our system automatically generates reports to help you track compliance over time.

Med-Kick Device

Device Management

Med-Kick provides a comprehensive device management solution that simplifies the process of ordering and assigning devices to patients. With this integrated system, you can easily track the signal strength, battery life, and location of the devices.

Whether you are a healthcare provider or caregiver, managing medical devices can be a challenging task. But with Med-Kick, you can streamline this process and focus on providing quality care to your patients. The device management solution eliminates the need for manual tracking and ensures that your patients receive the necessary devices promptly.Read More

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