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Solution for Measuring Blood Oxygen Levels

Pulse Oximeter

The Med-Kick Pulse Oximeter is state-of-the-art device for measuring a patient’s blood oxygen level. The readings obtained from this device are synchronized in almost real-time with both the Med-Kick clinical portal and your Electronic Health Record (EHR)*.

The Med-Kick Remote Pulse Oximeter

The Med-Kick Remote Pulse Oximeter works in conjunction with a cutting-edge Oximeter to offer a precise measurement of blood oxygen levels, pulse, and perfusion index.

Monitoring blood oxygen levels is critical for individuals with persistent Obstructive Pulmonary Disorder and many other lung concerns.

Equipped with advanced cellular transmission capability, the Med-Kick Pulse Oximeter is conveniently delivered directly to your patients, pre-configured for immediate use. Say goodbye to the hassle of app pairing, WiFi connectivity, or complicated setups.


Features Include:

  • Easy to use
  • Cellular
  • Physician Approved
  • Complete Kit
  • Multi-Readings
  • Single Button
The Med-Kick Pulse Oximeter provides a simple and quick approach to monitor pulse oximetry, driven by the best remote patient tracking (RPM) technology in the world. The meter’s readings are synced in near real-time with the Med-Kick clinical interface or your EHR System.

World’s best remote patient management

The Med-Kick Pulse Oximeter, powered by the world’s best remote patient management (RPM) technology, offers a quick and easy approach to monitor pulse oximetry. Readings from the metre are synced in near the real with both the Med-Kick clinical site and your EHR.

The Med-Kick Pulse Oxygen concentrator is supplied straight to your clients and is which was before to function right away. This implies that no app pairing, WiFi, or setup is necessary.

Device Management

Med-Kick Remote Device Management can monitor a wide range of medical devices, including blood glucose meters, blood pressure monitors, pulse oximeters, and more

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