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For Physicians

COVID Support

At Med-Kick, we are here to provide support and assistance to help you with the rapid changes brought on by the COVID pandemic.

We offer help so you can quickly adopt remote services that can make the transition easier for your organization.

We understand how challenging it is for healthcare organizations to shift operations, and that’s why we work with you to:

Utilize IT resources

We help you develop a strategy for utilizing existing IT resources effectively and quickly. We also provide support with implementing remote services like telemedicine, to ensure continuity of care during these adjustments.

Implement new technologies

In addition, we give you access to medical technologies such as virtual care platforms that allow physicians and staff to take a patient’s vitals remotely — all while providing secure health data storage and communication.

Train healthcare professionals

Our team also facilitates remote training for healthcare professionals on how to use these new tools properly. We offer live interactive sessions so staff can continue learning how best to use the tools for their patients’ safety even from home. At MedKick, our mission is simple: We empower healthcare organizations during the pandemic by helping them quickly transition with remote service options that meet the needs of their practice and patients alike.

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