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Remote Services with Med-Kick

Remote therapeutic monitoring is a provider system that tracks non-physical data from patients.

We know life doesn’t always happen within the confines of a traditional healthcare setting. And perhaps more importantly, we recognize that your time is valuable and don’t want you to waste it waiting in line at a clinic or hospital when an experienced medical professional can come to you. That’s why Med-Kick has dedicated itself to providing remote service for people who need it the most.

Med-Kick’s Remote Service Provider

Welcome to Med-Kick, the remote service provider that our team is proud to offer. We provide a full suite of services that are designed to help anyone needing assistance with their medical and healthcare needs.

Whether you’re managing a chronic condition or just need support during recovery, we offer everything from virtual doctor visits and medication management solutions to home-care companionship and telehealth solutions.

We understand that life throws curveballs and no two people have the same needs—which is why we’ve created an expansive network of providers that are skilled in all areas of healthcare. Our care team consists of seasoned nurses, doctors, dietitians, social workers, therapists, case managers and more all working together to make sure you get the care you need. We believe in providing high-quality care with a personal touch so you can rest assured that you’ll receive the best help for your unique situation.

The Benefits of Remote Services with Med-Kick

The MedKick Provider Group offers remote services that help you get the care you need, quickly and conveniently. Our remote services help you receive:
  • Quality health care from certified providers
  • Experienced medical advice from healthcare professionals
  • Diagnostic testing and referrals
  • Lab work done in a timely manner

Our team of knowledgeable, specialist providers use their years of experience to recommend the best course of care for your individual needs. Through our streamlined telehealth system, we provide direct access to a healthcare professional and allow for remote monitoring of vital health statistics. This can help prevent any delays or missed appointments that may result from traditional healthcare methods.

When you join Med-Kick Provider Group, you get a comprehensive plan that takes your lifestyle and financial situation into account, no matter what type of care you’re seeking.

Med-Kick Remote Patient Monitoring?

Remote patient monitoring (RPM) is a technology that enables healthcare providers to monitor their patients remotely. RPM involves the use of connected devices such as wearable devices, sensors, and mobile apps to collect health data, which is then transmitted to healthcare providers. RPM provides real-time data, which enables healthcare providers to detect early warning signs of health issues and intervene promptly.


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