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Remote Service With the MedKick Provider Group

Imagine this scenario: You need medical attention, but there's no doctor within reach. That's a problem you don't have to worry about with MedKick, a provider group that brings expert medical care directly to where you are.

We know life doesn't always happen within the confines of a traditional healthcare setting. And perhaps more importantly, we recognize that your time is valuable and don't want you to waste it waiting in line at a clinic or hospital when an experienced medical professional can come to you. That's why MedKick has dedicated itself to providing remote service for people who need it the most.

Who We Are:

MedKick’s Remote Service Provider

Welcome to MedKick, the remote service provider that our team is proud to offer. We provide a full suite of services that are designed to help anyone needing assistance with their medical and healthcare needs. Whether you’re managing a chronic condition or just need support during recovery, we offer everything from virtual doctor visits and medication management solutions to home-care companionship and telehealth solutions.

We understand that life throws curveballs and no two people have the same needs—which is why we’ve created an expansive network of providers that are skilled in all areas of healthcare. Our care team consists of seasoned nurses, doctors, dietitians, social workers, therapists, case managers and more all working together to make sure you get the care you need. We believe in providing high-quality care with a personal touch so you can rest assured that you’ll receive the best help for your unique situation.

The Benefits of Remote Services With MedKick

The MedKick Provider Group offers remote services that help you get the care you need, quickly and conveniently. Our remote services help you receive:

  • Quality health care from certified providers

  • Experienced medical advice from healthcare professionals

  • Diagnostic testing and referrals

  • Lab work done in a timely manner

Our team of knowledgeable, specialist providers use their years of experience to recommend the best course of care for your individual needs. Through our streamlined telehealth system, we provide direct access to a healthcare professional and allow for remote monitoring of vital health statistics. This can help prevent any delays or missed appointments that may result from traditional healthcare methods

When you join MedKick Provider Group, you get a comprehensive plan that takes your lifestyle and financial situation into account, no matter what type of care you’re seeking.

Patient Journey

As we handle handling the devices, shipping, and setup, you can onboard patients straight from your EHR, ensuring that they are prepared for a successful RPM journey right away.

Who We Help

Our Targeted Patient Groups

The MedKick Provider Group provides remote service to people from a variety of backgrounds and patient groups. Our aim is to make healthcare more accessible, which is why we make it our mission to serve anyone who needs us, regardless of their medical history or current health situation.

Here are some of the patient groups we focus on:


As people age, they need more support with day-to-day tasks — like grocery shopping and medication management — as well as medical care that’s tailored to their needs. We specialize in providing remote services to seniors in order to help them maintain their independence and quality of life

People With Chronic Illnesses

Living with a chronic illness can be difficult, but we make it easier by providing patients with regular check-ins from providers, plus access to personalized care plans so they can stay on track with their treatments.

Patients Going Through Treatment for Cancer or Other Serious Illnesses

We understand that cancer treatments can be draining and difficult for patients — that’s why our providers work hard to provide compassionate care from diagnosis through recovery. Our goal is to help them manage any symptoms and side effects so that they can focus on their overall health and wellbeing.

Our Focus on Health:

Telehealth Solutions & Care Coordination

Are you in the healthcare industry? Then you know the importance of providing quality care, even when patients are not always able to come in to the office or hospital. That’s why MedKick provider group prides itself on delivering excellent remote service solutions, including telehealth and care coordination solutions.

MedKick helps health systems, hospitals, and large practices with remote services that bridge the gap in care and make sure that patients get the quality care they deserve. Through our telehealth solutions, patients are able to access doctors from anywhere, anytime — so that diagnosis can be quick and easy. Plus, our connected platform keeps communication secure and private between healthcare providers, enabling faster diagnosis and treatment plans.

And with our care coordination services, we work to ensure that each patient’s care plan is tailored specifically to their individual needs — so they get the most effective treatment on time. Our system integrates components like e-visits and patient engagement strategies for an all-encompassing approach that looks at each patient holistically. Plus we provide a wealth of resources for patients so they can better understand their self-care journey and feel empowered along the way.

When it comes to remote service solutions for healthcare providers and facilities, MedKick provider group is here to provide reliable support for both clinicians and patients.

COVID-Support and Adaptation

At MedKick, we are here to provide support and assistance to help you with the rapid changes brought on by the COVID pandemic. We offer help so you can quickly adopt remote services that can make the transition easier for your organization.

We understand how challenging it is for healthcare organizations to shift operations, and that’s why we work with you to:

Utilizing IT resources

We help you develop a strategy for utilizing existing IT resources effectively and quickly. We also provide support with implementing remote services like telemedicine, to ensure continuity of care during these adjustments.

Implementing new technologies

In addition, we give you access to medical technologies such as virtual care platforms that allow physicians and staff to take a patient’s vitals remotely — all while providing secure health data storage and communication.

Training healthcare professionals

Our team also facilitates remote training for healthcare professionals on how to use these new tools properly. We offer live interactive sessions so staff can continue learning how best to use the tools for their patients’ safety even from home. At MedKick, our mission is simple: We empower healthcare organizations during the pandemic by helping them quickly transition with remote service options that meet the needs of their practice and patients alike.

For ACOs

If you’re an Accountable Care Organization (ACO), you can make the most of MedKick’s Remote service with our ACO-specific features. With MedKick, ACOs can access powerful analytics and reporting tools, as well as secure provider-patient communication capabilities for care coordination.

Here are just some of the features that ACOs can use with our Remote service:

We offer these advanced tools to help ACOs quickly develop remote services while managing their patient populations in a secure and streamlined manner.


If you’re running a Federally Qualified Health Center (FQHC), you need all the help you can get—especially when it comes to remote service. That’s exactly what MedKick offers.

Our remote service helps FQHCs provide the highest caliber of care to their patients and families, regardless of their location. We understand that there can be many hurdles in making sure that all your patients get the attention they need, and it’s our mission to remove those obstacles so that everyone is taken care of.

Here’s Just a Few Benefits You Can Expect From Our Service:

When you sign up with the MedKick Provider Group, your FQHC gets access to patient records, clinical decision tools and other resources they need to provide the best quality healthcare available—all without leaving the comfort of their home.

Clinical Use Cases


No matter the job, the MedKick Provider Group is here to help. We offer remote service specifically tailored to meet the needs of various healthcare companies, with a special focus on telemedicine. From in-house medical and customer support to remote appointment scheduling and critical administrative tasks, you can count on us to be available when you need it.

Obesity Management

Track your weight goals over time by keeping an eye on current weight readings. Provide patients with individualised dietary regimens, provide remote counselling, and position them to achieve long-term achievement.

Heart Failure Management

To prevent costly readmission fines and guarantee newly released CHF patients stay discharged, monitor weight and blood pressure measurements in real-time.

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