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How RPM can help rural communities access better care

By: Nicole Banks

In the United States, almost half of the population has a chronic conditions.  These can be difficult to treat in rural communities where it may be harder to access care. There is a way to improve their health outcomes though and give better care in between office visits. RPM helps providers to manage the chronic conditions of their patients and improves the quality of their lives.


A recent article published in NPJ Digital Medicine suggests that digital inclusion is becoming an increasingly relevant social determinant of health. Digital tools, namely remote patient monitoring devices, have the potential to improve the lives of many people with chronic conditions. 


Most digital health tools have not yet proven effective for high-burden and underserved populations.  Med-Kick aims to fix that and is passionate about helping all the patients that we can, especially those that need care in rural communities.


RPM should be part of a larger rural health strategy


In caring for your rural patients, technology is important, but not enough. In the elderly, some RPM programs are often ineffective because they lack a human element. That isn’t the case with Med-Kick.  Even our Remote Patient Monitoring program has integrated nursing support to build rapport between your office and patients in between visits.


Technology alone cannot overcome the unique barriers faced by underserved populations. If you want to make a difference, start with a digital health program coupled with clinical care, including nursing support from Med-Kick. This will make an incredible difference in patient outcomes.


What are the benefits of RPM?


RPM is a telehealth program that allows patients to easily report their health data from their device to their Providers. The devices that we use here at Med-Kick are easy to use, utilize cellular technology, and are monitored by our expert nurses 24/7.  This way, healthcare providers, in addition to our nursing team, can monitor vital signs, chronic conditions, and other health concerns in real-time. 


Adding CCM, Chronic Care Management means that patients get even more support and can help keep them on track with their health goals.  This could mean education, care coordination, medication reconciliations, and many other behind the scene work to help patients lives their best lives.


How can RPM help your rural patients?

Doctors and nurses can now support their patients anytime, anywhere using Remote Patient Monitoring Devices.  This is a great solution for rural patients where it can be hard to travel.  RPM is a great choice to allow for better results based care.


This is a big deal because you can catch health issues early and Med-Kick can give your patients personalized, concierge-based care. RPM (and integrated CCM nursing support) are excellent services to use as it gives you more access to your rural patients with chronic diseases 24/7.


How will you start a RPM program that focuses on rural populations?

The benefit of working with an established RPM company like MedKick is that you can immediately impact your rural patients’ health in a meaningful way.  We have a easy, comprehensive implementation and onboarding to dramatically impact your patients quickly and effectively.  Our devices are sent directly to the patient and are perfect for your rural patients.


Working with MedKick can help you to give your patients quality based care focused on reducing hospitalizations, lowering avoidable readmissions, and increasing reimbursement.  In our experience we’ve found that partnering with us is a win-win-win.  You, your patients, and Med-Kick all benefit.  If you have questions or would like to schedule a demo to learn more, click here.

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