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Why choose RPM for your organization?

By: Nicole Banks

The potential for adding Remote Patient Monitoring to your organization is enormous. It  can have a significantly positive impact on revenue and health care outcomes. This is the largest potential telehealth service model and its rapidly growing. It can improve revenue in many different ways and help improve patient quality of life.

Remote Patient Monitoring helps Providers to manage their patient population with ease.  These programs are invaluable as they help to reduce hospitalizations, decrease unnecessary readmissions, and improve quality metrics.  The benefits of RPM are just one of the many reasons to consider adding a RPM program to your organization.

RPM is a key component in managing chronic conditions

While many different conditions can be treated with RPM, diabetic patients benefit significantly. Remote Monitored Glucometers has transformed the way we treat and manage diabetes. For a disease where missed readings can mean life-threatening consequences, RPM presents new opportunities for easily and successfully managing diabetes.  RPM devices eliminate the need for them to write down readings and manually track their levels. This technology is providing these patients with the tools that allow them to manage their diabetes easily and safely even on the go.

Research studies have proven that diabetic patients who engage in Remote Patient Monitoring services experience a significant reduction in blood pressure and are better able to maintain optimal blood glucose levels. RPM helps patients manage their diabetes by providing a constant monitoring of their health status and rapid feedback to prevent emergencies before they become critical.

Besides Diabetes, RPM is a great tool in treating Hypertension

Hypertension is often invisible. It has no symptoms. This means that most people are not aware when their blood pressure levels reach critical levels, reducing the capacity to effectively treat hypertension. Left untreated, hypertension can cause serious issues such as heart attacks and strokes. 

Hypertension is a common condition that affects millions of people. One of the most important factors for patients with hypertension is to keep an eye on blood pressure levels and track it consistently. Remote Patient Monitoring is quickly becoming an essential tool for many Providers treating hypertension.

Weight loss is now able to be remote monitored

Losing weight can be difficult. Weight is also important to track in the treatment of other chronic conditions including congestive heart failure.  That’s why remote monitoring and action plans help people manage their weight or keep the pounds off both short term and long term. Technology is helping to give patients a helping hand . Patients can get real-time feedback and track their progress in an effective manner to help them reach their goals.

According to a recent study, Remote Patient Monitoring is very effective at helping people lose weight. It can also be used to monitor weight loss and other critical vitals associated with obesity management. Telehealth puts patients in a better position to lose weight safely and consistently, all while addressing other important health information.

Asthma patients can also benefit from RPM 

Remote Patient Monitoring technologies are helping to bridge the gap between Providers and patients.  Monitoring a patient’s asthma can give them the peace of mind and the help they need to live productively and safely. This reduces anxiety and inconvenience for asthma patients. The result is that patients feel more empowered to take control of their condition and this can directly improve a patient’s quality of life.

Remote Patient Monitoring can help your organization better manage chronic conditions

Med-Kick is a premier Remote Patient Monitoring company that puts patients first.  Focusing on patients’ chronic conditions, we take the time to create customized care plans, coordinate care, and monitor your patients 24/7.  To learn more, or schedule a demo to see how we can support your organization, click here.

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