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Why RPM is a great tool to help manage chronic conditions


Remote Patient Monitoring allows Providers to help their patients even when they’re not in the office.  Remote monitoring lets patients use medical devices easily from their own homes or while traveling, and then transmits this data to teams of clinical professionals who assess them on a constant basis. This allows Remote Patient Monitoring programs to act as truly effective extensions of clinics and practices, in ways that keep patients safer, and doctors more in control. 

The way that each chronic condition is monitored is slightly different.  Let’s dive into some of the most common chronic conditions and how Remote Patient Monitoring can help.


Diabetic patients can use new technology to quickly and easily collect critical data about their health conditions. The data collected helps to prevent common complications that occur when blood glucose levels are not properly monitored.   The data from these devices can be sent to a doctor or monitored by our expert nurses at Medkick who can provide patients with the feedback they need to make smart decisions about their health. This is a safe and effective way for patients to manage their Diabetes.

Diabetes is a common illness that is hard to manage. Patients must constantly check their blood sugar levels, and they need this information to be available in real time.  What would you do if you were a diabetic? Would you write down your blood sugar level every time it changed, or would you just try to remember? Would you test your blood sugar manually, or would you prefer to use a device that would monitor it for you and have the data go directly to your Provider? If you were a diabetic you’d want to have a device that could help manage your diabetes for you, wouldn’t you?


The biggest challenge in managing hypertension is that it often has no visible symptoms. This means that most people are not aware when their blood pressure levels reach critical levels, reducing the capacity to effectively and immediately treat hypertension. Left untreated, hypertension can cause serious issues such as heart attacks and strokes. Patients suffering from this disease at extremely high rates are often unaware of their condition until they are in dire need of treatment.

Blood pressure is a dangerous condition that can be monitored in ways that are not disruptive. For people suffering from high blood pressure, remote patient monitoring can be the answer. It allows for tailored monitoring and tracking of hypertension, which is an effective way to treat the condition alongside prescribed medications.

Weight Loss

Remote patient monitoring devices are showing enormously promising results for the obesity epidemic in the U.S.  With lifestyle modification still being the most effective means of successfully managing obesity and weight loss, remote monitoring technology is leading the way in ensuring compliance to those modifications, and can help Providers to create personalized action plans that can be truly effective.

Studies show that Remote Patient Monitoring is effective when combined with other weight loss methods. It also offers safer, more consistent ways to monitor vitals associated with obesity management and weight loss. This puts people in a better position to lose weight safely.


Asthma is a life-threatening condition that also requires monitoring. Remote Patient Monitoring is a tool that helps patients stay on top of their condition. It reduces anxiety and inconvenience, and empowers patients to control their condition even on the go. 

Starting RPM in your organization

Med-Kick are the experts in Remote Patient Monitoring.  We offer easy to use devices and there’s no upfront costs.  We know that starting new programs can be risky and time intensive and we’ve made it easy to partner with us.  We’ll schedule a quick demo, take care of 90% of the implementation, enroll your patients, and monitor them 24/7.  We’ll follow your protocols and use your EMR.  

We will customize our services and help you take care of your patients!  To schedule a demo, click here.

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